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Top 10 Advantages Of Attending The Jinjiang Footwear Exposition
- Dec 06, 2016 -

I'm Jack from China Form Company. Upon the entrustment by the Organizing Committee of Jinjiang Footwear (Int'l) Exposition, China, I hereby invite you to attend The 19th Jinjiang Footwear & Sports Industry International Exposition China from April 18, 2017 to April 21, 2017.

Top 10 advantages of attending the Jinjiang Footwear Exposition

1. It’s the best opportunity to learn about the footwear market in China .

2. It’s a weather vane of the footwear industry in the whole world.

3. The one-stop purchasing platform will greatly reduce the purchasing cost and optimize your supply chain.

4. It’s the best time to promote brands of the footwear industry .

5. 2,200 international exhibition booths gather almost all the famous brands in the footwear industry.

6. Quality suppliers of finished shoe products, shoe materials and shoe machineries cover the whole industry chain.

7. It’s the best channel to learn about the latest technology and products in the world which can help you have an insight into the latest trends of the footwear market.

8. It’s really a communication platform for internationalization and branding because numerous international pavilion and international top buyers gather here.

9. The organizing committee will arrange interpreters to accompany with you all through to facilitate your efficient purchase.

10. We will arrange the first-class hotel accommodation and provide you with a pleasant journey schedule.

With the approach of the exposition, more and more international footwear enterprises have confirmed to attend the 16th Footwear Exposition. It surely will be a grand event that you do not want to miss. Your earlier reply is appreciated, so that we can provide you with the first-class reception services.

We will very much appreciate your prompt reply if you are available for the Exposition; you will receive relevant materials such as the application form, invitation letter and hotel accommodation arrangement. 

We eagerly await your arrival to join the grand event and add to this Expositional infinite splendor.

Best Regards!

Jacky Wang

China Form Company

Organizing Committee of Jinjiang Footwear International Exposition (China)

Tel:86-595- 85600609,