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Shoe Smart Manufacturing
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Through the promotion of the latest scientific research and design achievements, the 20th Shoe Fair will guide enterprises to carry out independent innovations in products, technologies, brands, management and business models. In particular, companies represented by various types of footwear machinery and intelligent manufacturing have fully demonstrated the intelligent equipment and robot production lines, and guided industry enterprises to “machine substitution” to improve labor productivity.


In the heavy machinery hall on the first floor, you can see that all kinds of foaming machinery, automatic injection machines, mixers, etc. have attracted a large number of overseas businessmen to come and consult; and the latest mechanical equipment on the first floor of the exhibition hall shows the automatic feeding laser. Cutting machine, upper camera projection cutting machine, intelligent marking machine, sole spray line, intelligent lean production line, intelligent computer roller, etc., fully demonstrate the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and machine substitution.